Thursday May 19th 2022

13.00Arrival; Coffee and refreshments; Posters up!
13.45Welcome to CAGR 2022
(Chair: Simon Dymond)
13.50Opening words from Rt Hon Carolyn Harris MP
14.00Keynote 1: ‘Gambling Harm: An outline of research priorities for the UK
Henrietta Bowden-Jones OBE,
National Centre for Behavioural Addictions, London
(Chair: Simon Dymond)
15.00Conference Session 1: Populations Vulnerable to Gambling Related Harm
(Chair: Jim Rogers) 
1. ‘Military Personnel, Armed Forces Veterans, and Gambling-Related Harm’.
Glen Dighton and Simon Dymond
Swansea University; King’s College London; Reykjavík University, Iceland
2. ‘Gambling and Crime: An exploration of Gambling availability and culture in a UK prison’.
Lauren Smith, Steve Sharman and Amanda Roberts
University of Lincoln; Kings College London
3. ‘Gambling Harm Awareness: Findings from a nationally representative UK survey.’
Antony C. Moss, Christy Milia and Ian P. Albery
Centre for Addictive Behaviours Research, London South Bank University
4. ‘Gambling disorder and stigma: The role of sex and migrant background’
Andrea Wöhr, Marius Wuketich, Vadim Kufenko and Mira Fauth-Buhler
Universität Hohenheim, Forschungsstelle Glücksspiel / Gambling Research Center, University of Hohenheim
5. ‘Conceptualising Emotional and Cognitive Dysregulation Amongst Sports Bettors; An Exploratory Study of ‘Tilting’ in a New Context’
Jamie Torrance, Gareth Roderique-Davies, James Greville, Marie O’Hanrahan, Nyle Davies, Klara Sabolova and Bev John
University of South Wales
16.15Coffee and refreshments
16.45Conference Session 2: Neural, Cognitive and Motivational Processes in Gambling
(Chair: Richard Tunney) 
1. ‘Examining Neural Reactivity to Gambling Cues in the Age of Sports Betting’
Damien Brevers
2. ‘Metacognition and the Effect of Incentive Motivation In Two Compulsive Disorders: Gambling Disorder And Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder’
Ruth J. van Holst, Monja Hoven and Judy Luigjes
AmsterdamUMC – location AMC
3. ‘Naltrexone as a Treatment for Gambling Disorder’
Darren Christensen, Ron Lim, David Hodgins, David Crockford, Bradley Goodyear and Timothy Hodgson
University of Lethbridge, University of Calgary, University of Lincoln, Alberta Health Services
4. ‘The Motivational Background of Gambling: An Extended Model’
Zsolt Demetrovics, Anna Magi, Carrie Shaw, Andrea Czakó, Borbála Paksi, Róbert Urbán and Zsolt Horváth
Centre of Excellence in Responsible Gaming, University of Gibraltar; Institute of Psychology, ELTE Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary; Institute of Education, ELTE Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary
5. ‘Game Over: Analyzing Exclusions from German Online Casinos’
Vadim Kufenko and Steffen Otterbach
University of Hohenheim, Gambling Research Center
18.05Keynote 2: ‘Exploring the political, economic and commercial determinants of gambling behaviours’
Heather Wardle,
School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Glasgow
(Chair: Steve Sharman)
19.00Conference buffet dinner – all registrants welcome

Friday May 20th 2022

09.15Conference Session 3: Gambling Advertising, Social Media, and Emerging Data Platforms
(Chair: Elliot Ludvig)
1. ‘Expenditure on Paid-For Gambling Advertising During The COVID-19 Pandemic ‘Lockdowns’: An Observational Study of Media Monitoring Data in the United Kingdom’
Nathan Critchlow, Kate Hunt, Heather Wardle and Martine Stead
University of Stirling; University of Glasgow.
2. ‘Harnessing Social Media Data to Progress Gambling Research’
Alexander Bradley and Richard James
Portsmouth University; Nottingham University
3. ‘The Influence of Gambling Advertising on Children: It’s All in the Gaze’
Tochukwu Onwuegbusi, Amanda Roberts, Stephen Sharman and Todd Hogue
University of Lincoln; Kings College, London
4. ‘What Are The Odds? The Appeal of Gambling Ads on Twitter to Children and Young Persons’.
Raffaello Rossi and Agnes Nairn
University of Bristol
5. ‘“I was kinda hooked…” – Exploring the gambling-gaming mergence via reasons and facilitators for loot box engagement’
Laura Louise Nicklin
University of Wolverhampton
10.30Coffee and refreshments
11.00Keynote 3: ‘People, Products, and Environments: Towards a Comprehensive Account of Gambling Harm’  
Luke Clark,
Centre for Gambling Research, University of British Columbia
(Chair: Amanda Roberts)
12.00Conference Session 4: Tracking, Preventing and Treating Gambling Related Harm (Chair: Gareth Roderique-Davies)
1. ‘PRoGRAM-A (Preventing Gambling Related Harm in Adolescents): A Peer Led, Social Network Intervention’
Fiona Dobbie, Martine Miller, Lesley Brogan, Brian Pringle, Ashley Lee, Sally Good, Warren Hughes, Javier Mora, Richard Purves, Gerda Reith and Rona Campbell
University of Edinburgh
2. ‘Don’t Gamble Your Future: The Efficacy of a Gambling Prevention Program Among High-School Students’
Filipa Calado, Joana Alexandre and Mark D. Griffiths
Nottingham Trent University
3. ‘Not Too Much, Not Too Often and Not Too Many: The Results of the First Large Scale, International Project to Develop Lower Risk Gambling Guidelines’
Young, M. M., Hodgins, D. C., Brunelle, N., Currie, S., Dufour, M. Flores-Pajot, M-C., Paradis, C., and Nadeau, L.
Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction and Greo
4. ‘Developing a Screening Question For Identifying Gambling-Related Harms to Individuals and Affected Others and Piloting it in Three Local Authorities.’
Cat Forward, Caroline Norrie, Stephanie Bramley, Heather Wardle, Frankie Graham, Liz Riley, Marina Smith, James Shearer, Emily Finch and Jill Manthorp.
King’s College London; University of York; University of Glasgow; BetKnowMore; GamCare,
5. ‘Gambling by Young Adults in the UK during the first COVID-19 Lockdown’
Agnes Nairn, Alan Emond, Sharon Collard, Linda Hollen
University of Bristol
14.15Poster session; coffee and refreshments
Full list of posters (opens in new tab)
14.45‘Lived Experience and Research: More than just a story’
Christine Boyce, Claire Donegan, Martin Jones, Kishan Patel and Nick Phillips
(Chair: Steve Sharman)

Christine Boyce: Christine is in recovery from an online slots addiction developed in her late 50’s. She now proudly works for GamLEARN as Development Coordinator.
Claire Donegan: A former gambler, Claire is now a Practitioner of Coaching with Neuroscience. She is also a member of the ALERTS Panel, an Associate of Gamfam, and has joined GamLEARN as part of the Advisory Panel.
Martin Jones: Martin is an affected other, having lost a 23 year old son to gambling suicide in 2015. Former Gambling with Lives Trustee, campaigner against gambling harm, member of “ALERTS” (a group of Lived Experience individuals looking to inform and improve gambling treatment and support services).
Kishan Patel: Dr Kishan Patel goes by Kish and is a recent graduate of Imperial College London Medical School. Kish has experienced gambling harm from birth through his late father’s gambling, and then later through other family members and his own gambling. After confronting his childhood experiences and realising that his family were not alone, Kish first went on to campaign to see gambling harm meaningfully reduced as Gambling Crisis, then later as a co-host of the All Bets Are Off Podcast, and nowadays as a trustee at Gambling Education Network.
Nick Phillips: Nick is in recovery from a 20 year gambling addiction. Nick has previously served in the British Army, and has setup an organisation named the Gambling Guardian CIC, which aims to tackle and raise awareness of gambling related harm in the military and veterans community.
15.55Keynote 4: ‘The Pathways Model of Problem Gambling – 20 Years after’
Joël Billieux,
Institute of Psychology, University of Lausanne, Switzerland
(Chair: Bev John)
17.00Closing words and CAGR 2023
17.15End of Conference