The importance of Lived Experience in gambling research

Thank you for your interest in the CAGR 2022 conference, and the dedicated Lived Experience session. Our call for panellists is now closed.

A conference with a difference.

Rather than follow the usual course of an academic committee hand-picking speakers to tell a story of gambling related harm – we want to work with those with Lived Experience, to better understand how Lived Experience can make research better. We appreciate that the Lived Experience Community offers so much more than just a story, and we’d like to create the opportunity to find out how this can shape research.

Lived Experience panelists will be invited to attend the whole conference and the conference dinner, and will have travel and hotel accommodation provided. We will be as flexible as possible to accommodate needs. Peer support will be provided throughout the conference.

What will the conference involve?

We intend to host a ‘Lived Experience and Research’ panel discussion. The panelists will be chosen by those with lived experience, and questions will be developed for panelists by EbEs and the conference team. We’ll also invite pre-conference questions from the EbE community to put to the audience, to encourage a two-way conversation.

What are we looking for?

We’d like to hear from those with lived experience of gambling harm. What we’re interested in, is the way Lived Experience can inform research in a practical way. More than a media soundbite, or a clickbait headline – we want to change how things work, to ensure Lived Experience is incorporated into academic research at every stage of the research process.

If you have been part of a research project or team, if you have thoughts and opinions on research, or if you have ideas on how we can improve the ways in which the Lived Experience Community can work alongside researchers, or if you just want to submit a question, then please complete this expression of interest form. You have until 23.59 GMT on March 4th to submit an expression of interest.

What next?

All expressions of interest will be considered by our EbE advisory group, who will then work with the conference team to put together a panel that represents the diversity in gambling harm experience. We’ll then be in touch to invite 4-5 speakers from the EbE community to form our panel.

This is an opportunity to make your voice heard – to shape how researchers and lived experience can work together most effectively.

Many thanks,
Steve Sharman, and the CAGR team.